How it all Started

At Hollow Leg, we are a motley crew of winemakers and wine lovers. We drink wine because we like the taste ... we also sometimes drink too much! After one too many mornings after, we started looking for a non-alcoholic wine that made taking it easy easier, but the experiences we had were so disappointing, so flavourless, so joyless .... How hard could it bloody be!?.... ☹☺

Meet Pablo

This is where Pablo came in. A young, forward-thinking winemaker, he is also a classically stubborn Galician who simply couldn’t accept the tasteless taste of non-alcoholic wine and he decided to do something about it! The seeds of his idea, derived from generations of organic family winemaking, took five years of persistent tweaking to come alive. His revolutionary approach utilises elements already found in the grapes & processes native to wine making. The result is a non-alcoholic wine, made with organic ingredients, that preserves the mouthfeel, taste and aroma of the premium grapes while removing the need for weird chemicals, added sugar or unusual flavourings.

An alcohol free wine revolution

When our first bottles were ready, we shared them with our favourite sommeliers, chefs and discerning drinkers. We were confident we had something very special, but the response blew us away: “nice wine”. Our obession has been to make non-alcholic wines that can change people's perception of what's possible in taste, happily when you make things the right way they are good for you as well. A 150ml glass of Hollow Leg has only 0.3 grams of sugar and 6 calories.

Don't accept less

It seems whenever we want to be healthy or responsible, we have to give up something we love, and to us that feels pretty uninspired. If you are a wine lover, we hope you can add Hollow Leg Wines to your life while doing all the things you love. Eating good food, laughing with friends—and making better, clearer memories. We are excited to be part of your journey.

Our Alcohol Free Wine